Bather / Groomer Trainee at Petsmart

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Job Opportunity at Petsmart in The Shoppes at River Crossing

Full Time
Posted Thu, May 27
Store Manager

Start your career in grooming as a Groomer Trainee! You’ll have the opportunity to build personal relationships with your clients & get to know their pets’ styles and personalities.


  • Stage 1- Pet Stylist Apprentice: Jump start your education by getting hands-on experience. Our number one priority is to get safety certified. Under the guidance of the salon leader, you’ll begin your training as a bather and learn about different dog breeds styling. You’ll help to get the dogs comfortable in our salon and bathe them, trim their nails and provide support to groomers throughout the pet’s stay.
  • Stage 2- Grooming Academy: After getting experience under your belt, you’ll attend our free, paid Grooming Academy! This exclusive, 4-week program is valued at over $6000! You’ll have 4 weeks in a classroom environment, gaining insights from our experienced Academy Trainers. You’ll dive in deeper into breed styling, caring for different dog breeds, and get comfortable with tools. At graduation, you’ll receive a free tool kit worth over $600!
  • Stage 3—Groomer Trainee: With the leadership of experienced groomers, you’ll begin to groom all different breeds and sizes of dogs. We have a target of 200 dogs to ensure you get the experience and diversity you need.
  • Stage 4—Pet Stylist in Training: You’ll build relationships with your own clients, advise on styles, suggest new services and share in the joy that comes with a client picking up their freshly coiffed pet.


  • It’s the pride of the giving Mickey a makeover in our salons watching him strut his stuff on the way out. 
  • It’s the excitement of Walter’s wagging tail during his bath or Sadie’s smile after her teeth are cleaned.
  • Fun fact: many of our groomers receive holiday cards from their clients!